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    National Park Permits -> http://autorizzazioni.lamaddalenapark.it (You may select english as main language for the transaction)

    The what, why and how (You may download a multilanguage brochure in .pdf by clicking here)
    The main goal of La Maddalena Archipelago National Park is to correctly inform the public about the operating institutional purposes and activities inside this protected area. So with the which authorization, issued by the Personnel in Charge of Control at Sea and the reading matter delivered at the moment, we would like you to share the natural and delicate environment you are in; a Site of Community Importante (SIC) and a communal Special Protection Zone (ZPS): a precious site, with rare vegetation, protected animals and birds, a unique area in the scenario of the Mediterranean Sea.
    The National Park Area entrance fee was introduced more than a decade ago as a fundamental and  important source in self-financing. Thanks to it the Park Authority, may pursue its institutional purposes and activities, promote environmental education and awareness, and promptly inform the police of any wrongful conduct. With the payment of this fee you also allow the Park Authority to finance the activities of many associations over the territory of La Maddalena which promote events, studies; this way you also guarantee the performance of other useful services for visitors, it also helps to maintain high standards of environmental monitoring.

    Authorizations for entering the National Park area, as well as diving permits, may be obtained as follows:
    1. With an on line payment by credit card http://autorizzazioni.lamaddalenapark.it.
    2. At one of the authorized offices (harbours, companies, etc.). Info at: http://www.lamaddalenapark.it/autorizzazioni.
    3. At the Park Authority office in La Maddalena, Via Giulio Cesare 7 ; we recommend to contact number (+39) 0789 790224 or email autorizzazioni@lamaddalenapark.org for further informations.
    4. By post office payment: we recommend to contact number +39 0789 790224 for further informations.
    Attention: Boaters need to obtain a permit before entering the Park area! Please remind that all the vessels accessing the marine Park area without a previously requested permit commit a violation of the existing rules; so while at sea please be sure to provide you with a regular permit that has to be shown  to the personnel in charge in case of control: a missing or not issued permit, when/if requested, will involve in a 40% increase of the regular daily amount. The Park Authority therefore suggests all boaters to regularize their position in the above described manner. For more information please visit our website http://www.lamaddalenapark.it/autorizzazioni or call the number +39 0789 790224.

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