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    Park management and policies

    The National Park of La Maddalena is managed by an administrative board, a non-profit public agency (italian "ente pubblico non economico"), which was instituted by a Decree that the President of the Italian Republic issued on 17 May 1996.

    According to this Decree and to the italian Law that regulates national and regional parks (Law n. 394 issued in 1991), the Park's policies and management priority for development may be resumed in the following:

    • protecting, upgrading and increasing the value of the park's natural, historical and cultural resources;
    • developing human activities compatible with the various uses made of the Park, connected with fishing, navigation, traditional shipbuilding;
    • preserving and restoring natural vegetation;
    • using eco-friendly sourcers of energy;
    • upgrading of existing structures and facilities.

    The administrative board is composed by:

    • a President and a Board of directors;
    • a Manager;
    • an advisory body called Comunità del Parco (Park Community) within are represented the Municipality of La Maddalena, the Province of Olbia-Tempio and the Region of Sardinia;
    • an auditor body.


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