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    Basic rules of conduct

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    You may find all of the informations beneath in the multilanguage Zonation Map (which can be downloaded in .pdf by clicking here)

    Making the most of the natural beauty of the Archipelago of La Maddalena is absolutely permitted whilst respecting its fine ecological balance. Much of the animal and plant life of the archipelago is only found in this territory. your help is needed to guard and protect the archipelago and all that is needed is a little care. For example, always take home the remains of your lunch; before leaving the beach, shake the sand from beach towels and shoes and never leave cigarette ends or start fires. If you see anyone behaving contrary to the rules, please report this to the local police. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your visit to the Archipelago.

    Access to the National Park marine area by boat
    All boats which access the marine park area must obtain an authorization from the Park Authority. Permission can be obtained at Park Authority offices, from the Park Authority website and from authorized harbours or companies.
    Navigating, stopping, mooring and anchoring is not allowed in MA zones.
    The speed limit for vessels navigating within 300 metres of the coast is 7 (seven) knots. Beyond 300 metres, the speed limit is 15 (fifteen) knots.
    Attention: La Maddalena Coast Guard has the autority to reduce the speed limit within the Park area, so please refer to the Park Authority for further informations.

    Activities of anchoring
    Anchoring is only permitted in MB zones for small craft and on lifeless sea beds. Anchoring is prohibited in areas with Posidonia Oceanica sea grass is present.
    Between 1st June to 30th September, anchoring in the MB zone is only permitted between sunrise and sunset and in any case no later than 10pm. However, boats fitted with holding tanks and owned by residents of the community of la Maddelena may anchor in the Mb zone after this time.

    Activities of mooring
    From 1st June to 30th October in MB zones mooring is allowed only between sunrise and sunset, and in any case not after 10pm, apart for boats with holding tanks, which can moor even after the time stated.
    Anchoring is not permitted in MB zones where ”mooring fields” have been created. For security reasons only one vessel is permitted to use each mooring buoy.
    A moored craft must keep the automatic bilge pump switched off during its stay.
    In daylight hours docking and mooring to a fixed harbour quay, pier or pontoon in the smaller islands of the Archipelago, is permitted within certain limits only for boarding and landing of passengers purposes. During night hours docking and mooring to a fixed harbour quay, pier or pontoon, in the smaller islands, is allowed only for residents and natives of the Municipality of La Maddalena for boats fitted with holding tanks.

    Recreational fishing - General rules
    In the MA zones any type of fishing is prohibited. In the MB zones recreational fishing can be practised on board a sailing vessel, on land or underwater according to the detailed regulations and upon possession of appropriate authorization, as summarized on the remainder of this page. The quantity of the catch must not exceed 5 kilograms a day per person, unless such an amount is exceeded by the capture of one specimen.

    Fishing of single species
    The daily removal of sea urchins (Paracentrotus lividus) must not exceed 25 specimens per person, with a dimension of not less than 6 cm in diameter, spines excluded, and is permitted only if carried out by hand. The taking of Sea Urchins is prohibited from 3rd May to 30th October and is only permitted subject to the granting of authorization for recreational fishing from land.
    The daily removal of warty or yellow crab (Eriphia verrucosa) must not exceed 3 specimens per person, the dimensions not less than 14cm for the length of the body shell; the removal of warty or yellow crabs is prohibited from 15th September to the 15th November and is only otherwise permitted subject to the granting of authorization for sport fishing from land.
    The removal of the following species is prohibited a. Grouper (Ephinepleus sp.); b. Wreck fish (Polyprion americanus); c. Brown Meagre (Sciaena umbra); d. Noble Pen shell (Pinna nobilis); e. Limpets (Patella ferruginea).
    Warning: the fishing of other species, even if upon possession of the general authorization of the Park, could be banned by other regional, national or european laws.

    Underwater Recreational Fishing
    Underwater fishing is permitted only to residents of the Municipality of La Maddalena, of 18 years or over, provided they are equipped with the appropriate nominal pass, not transferable to a third parties, from 1st June to 30 September, only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and National holidays, only without breathing apparatus and from sunrise to sunset. Those not falling into the above category are not allowed to perform any underwater fishing activity.
    To those not falling into the category characterized in the first paragraph, it is permitted, subject to authorization from the Park Authority, the holding and the transportation of equipment use for underwater fishing within the park only by keeping the above-mentioned equipment, dismantled, inside an appropriate airtight container.
    The collection of coral, shellfish and molluscs, except cephalopods, is absolutely prohibited.

    Recreational fishing from boats
    Fishing from a sailing vessel is permitted only to residents and natives of the Municipality of La Maddalena.
    To individuals not falling into the above category, any type of fishing activity is prohibited from pleasure vessels, except that which follows: to residents of the Municipality of Palau, to home owners located in the Municipality of La Maddalena, to workers or military personnel in La Maddalena with contracts or postings of not less than one year, to owners of boat berths for at least four months within the authorised harbour structure of the community of La Maddalena (or who have assigned their pleasure craft for any type of non commercial activity, or dry docking in local shipyards) fishing from boats is allowed, subject to authorization granted free of charge from the Park Authority.
    Fishing from boats is allowed only with specific equipment indicated by the Park Authority regulation.

    Land based recreational fishing
    Fishing from the land is permitted to the same people who are allowed to fish from pleasure craft [see above] provided they are equipped with the appropriate nominal authorizatoin, not transferable to third parties, issued free of charge from the Park Authority.
    To the individuals not falling into the above category, land based fishing activities are allowed, subject to the granting of authorization free of charge from the Park Authority, with a limit of 100 monthly permits.
    Fishing from land is permitted only with the following equipment: - individual fishing rods, not more that 2 (two) for casting or with fishing line with not more than 3 (three) hooks on each one; - individual fishing rods, not more than 4 (four) for casting or fishing line with not more than 1 (one) hook; - fishing rod or line for use with artificial bait – fishing line for cephalopods with not more than 1 (one) trapping device; - handmade fishing rod for the collection of sea urchin.

    Island of Budelli - Cala di Roto (“Pink Beach - Spiaggia Rosa”)
    In the locality of Cala di Roto (“Pink Beach”), on the island of Budelli, and in the area marked by the following geographic coordinates: (A: (Lat.= 41°16’.4 N; Long.=009°21’.5 E) B: (Lat.= 41°16’.7 N; Long.=009°21’.7 E) C: (Lat.= 41°16’.8 N; Long.=009°21’.5 E) D: (Lat.= 41°16’.7 N; Long.=009°21’.2 E) are prohibited: the transit, anchoring or stopping of any sailing vessel; professional or recreational fishing or underwater activities; bathing in the area between the line of the shore and the round boundary buoys; the access and trampling on the shore. Transit is allowed, only on a route as parallel to the coast as possible and at a speed of not more than 3 knots, for boats and small pleasure craft, as well as authorized traffic, only outside of the boundary of the round buoys with respect of the regulations of other authorities.

    Protected dive sites (PIPs)
    Any type of fishing is prohibited in proteceted dive sites (PIPs) called “Secca di Spargi” Secca di Spargi - Secca di Washington” (41°15’ 17.37” N, 09°19’ 27.653” E; 41°15’ 12.603” N, 09°19’ 27.664” E; 41°15’ 12.613” N, 09°19’ 21.233” E; 41°15’ 17.632” N, 09°19’ 21.234” E), “Secca di Spargiottello” (41°15’ 6.133” N, 09°19’ 10.034” E; 41°15’ 1.288” N, 09°19’ 10.013” E; 41°15’ 1.325” N, 09°19’ 3.536” E; 41°15’ 6.124” N, 09°19’ 3.606” E), “Punta Coticcio” (41°13’ 17.632” N, 09°28’ 28.081” E; 41°13’ 27.905” N, 09°29’ 29.053” E; 41°12’ 52.855” N, 09°29’ 29.634” E; 41°12’ 52.97” N, 09°29’ 10.457” E ) and “Secca del Grottino - Grottino di S. Francesco” (41°14’ 14.395” N, 09°29’ 4.755” E; 41°14’ 7.886” N, 09°29’ 4.761” E; 41°14’ 7.902” N, 09°28’56.166” E; 41°14’ 14.349” N, 09°28’56.186” E).
    For the safety of the divers the maximum velocity within dive sites is 3 (three) knots; boat drivers must pay the highest attention to divers and must immediately turn off the engines in case of  diver down flags (scuba flags) or buoys.
    Anchoring within the PIPs is forbidden; mooring is only allowed to the submerged buoys. Scuba diving in the PIPs is only allowed for diving centers authorized by the Park Authority; scuba diving made by indivividuals not accompanied by authorized diving centers is not allowed.

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