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    The Island of Caprera

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    Visitors may reach Caprera directly from the island of La Maddalena by way of a small bridge that connects the two islands. Before the Park's Law and decree were issued, the island was already protected since it was declared a Natural reserve in 1982.

    The summits of "Poggio Zonza" (157 metres) and "Monte Tejalone" (212 metres) and "Poggio Stefano" (198 metres) can be reached by taking some paths dating back to the Second World War. Either reaching them by sea or by land, visitors may admire breathtaking coves and beaches: "Cala Coticcio" (in one of the most protected areas of the Archipelego), "Cala Portese", "Cala Garibaldi", "Cala Caprarese", "Cala Serena", "Cala Napoletana" and "Cala Andreani" (also called "Spiaggia del Relitto", Shipwreck Beach).

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