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    The Islands of the Park

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    The 60 and more islands and isles of which the Archipelago is made of extend over an overall surface area, including both land and sea, of about 20,000 hectares (approximately 15,000 hectares of sea and 5,000 hectares of land).

    The Archipelago is the only group of islands in the Mediterranean where the islands are close to each other and separated by shallow canals. The Park has a coastline that extends for more than 180 kilometers, where you may find some of the most famous and fascinating beaches in the Mediterranean Sea: particularly worth of mention are "Cala del Roto" (also called Pink Beach, one of the most protected and safeguarded areas of the Archipelago) and "Cala del Cavaliere" on the island of Budelli, "Cala Coticcio" and "Cala Andreani" on the island of Caprera, "Cala Corsara" and "Cala Granara" on the island of Spargi.

    In this section we provide a short description of each island:

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