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    The Archipelago - Introduction

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    In many parts of the world, small islands with a favorable climate has undergone a transformation due to the effects of tourism, which determined the increase of the negative impact on the environment. However, the Archipelago of La Maddalena has retained considerable natural condition in the terrestrial (with the islands of Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli, Spargiotto, Barrettini, Nibani, Mortorio and much more) and in the marine areas, and it represents a positive example of nature and coastal protection, whose extension counts more than 180 km.


    Except for the island of La Maddalena (where you will find the city of the same name and about 10.000 people living on it), the small village of Stagnali on the island of Caprera and about 20 houses on the island of Santa Maria, the rest of the Archipelago is completely uninhabited and its look was kept as it was at the beginning of the century XIX.

    The archipelago, consisting of over 60 islands and islets of granite and shale, is a closely interdependent combination of sea and land, which is one of the most fascinating natural beauty of the world for its conformation, its landscape, the sea and the marine biological communities; this is due also to its geographical position in the Strait of Bonifacio, the point of division and connection of the Sardinian-Corsican insular system. Geomorphology of the region is characterized by granitic rocks with very significant erosion caused by wind and sea, which are all natural monuments.cala-caprarese_small.jpg

    In the Mediterranean Sea, there is no other island with a similar dominance of colors such as crystal, characterized by the proximity between the different islands.

    The most similar to the Archipelago of La Maddalena, because of its geographic continuity, is the Archipelago of Lavezzi in Corsica, to which may extend in the future joint actions with the creation of the International Park of the Strait of Bonifacio.