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    The History and the Granite of the Archipelago

    Although human settlements were to be found in the Archipelago in very ancient times, many prehistoric sites testify, it was much more frequented during the Roman period, partly because stone was extracted and used to make columns and other architectural elements and objects.

    The quality of granite, especially at the "Cava Francese" on the island of La Maddalena and on Santo Stefano, gave rise to important quarrying activity that in turn led to the high-quality production of articles that were exported all over the world.

    Giuseppe Garibaldi had the following lines of verse from his Poema autobiografico (Autobiographic Poem) carved on a granite slab on Caprera:

    On your peak of granite, I feel the aura of liberty, oh my wild and solitary Caprera.

    Your shrubs are my park, and you imprevvise stone offers me a safe and austere abode.

    Here I contemplate the infinite.